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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. bart's racing to beat the clock. the all-night push to clear the tracks after a train derails in the east bay. will there be delays in the morning commute? >> the death toll skyrockets from the quake in japan as the second nuclear plants explodes. how the u.s. is responding to the radiation risk. good morning. it is monday, march 14. i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie has the morning off. >> i'm frank mallicoat. time 4:30. did you have a good weekend? >> i did. are you still adjusting to the time change? i feel a little off, more than usual. >> it's actually 3:30 so that's a little early. >> and it's monday. >> julie watts made it in today and i guess the forecast is a little damp today. did you guys notice did you try and set your iphone for 2 a.m.? you can't do it. >> you mentioned this last
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year. >> it happens every year and drives me crazy. >> mine went backwards. >> mine still didn't go off. i'm still waking up, folks. we have some showers out there. newark towards fremont and west of pleasanton this morning. light scattered showers lingering throughout the early- morning hours as we head on into later today we'll dry out. but wetter and cooler conditions are on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up. but first, check your roads with gianna. >> hey, good morning. of course with this rain comes a soggy morning commute. first reports of flooding 101 near lucky drive. chp has one lane closed through there so be advised through marin county. first look at the bay bridge, again some slick surfaces out there this morning but light overall so far, so good. more on that coming up. back to you. >> thank you.
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bart tracks are ready for trains this morning after a derailment shut down some service in the east bay. it happened near the concord station yesterday morning. and sharon chin is live in oakland with a look at the work bart had to do to operate this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we got the good news just before 4:00 this morning that bart will be operating on a normal schedule. no need for a backup plan. crews have been working through the night lifting the derailed trains from the tracks so repairs by the time the first train left concord at 4 a.m. if not, bart would have had to go with a contingency plan following yesterday's derailment two cars from a 10 car train jumped the track before 9:30 sunday morning as it was pulling away from the concord bart station. when the train got to concord, 65 passengers on board were told there would be a short delay due to track work. they described what happened next. >> started going after the delays. started shaking back and forth
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like, you know, moving around and it almost felt like we're going over stuff? and one of the ladies that was sitting next to me was like i don't think we should be moving right now and she had started getting up and being loud so i guess that's when we all started panicking. >> reporter: three passengers went to the hospital with back injuries. police officers happened to be on the platform and helped firefighters evacuate the passengers. the slow speed derailment caused significant track damage and engineers don't know if track work in the area played a role. that's under investigation how the derailment happened. so meantime, bart running on a normal schedule. no need for the backup plan which included a use of a bus bridge. that's the good news this morning. frank. >> all right, sharon chin live in oakland this morning. thank you. and now to our other top story. it is now monday evening in japan. and more than 10,000 people are feared dead from the earthquake and tsunami in japan. more than 1800 are confirmed dead so far.
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more than 1400 more are missing. search-and-rescue crews cannot reach large areas of the countryside that are still surrounded by water. more than 200,000 people have been evacuated from the area around a damaged nuclear power plant. an explosion at the plant injured 11 people. also today, another reactor at the plant lost its cooling capacity raising the risk of another blast. the nuclear regulatory commission does not think the contamination will reach our shores. >> even if there were a significant release, it would be dispersed probably before it came to the united states. but at the present time it seems unlikely that there will be major radioactive relief. >> the u.s. military has moved ships and aircraft away from the plant after low level radioactive contamination was detected. 4374 your time. some dramatic new images this morning of the tsunami and the devastation on the island nation.
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just unbelievable. a wall of water pushes into a narrow bay lifting boats, pushing everything over that seawall there. the torrent moved everything in its path. water eventually rushed through the neighborhoods there, turning streets into just raging rivers. the boats in the bay got caught up in the flow and some were crushed when they were forced under an overpass. unbelievable pictures. today the tokyo stock market plunged on the first full day of trading since the earthquake on friday. the nikkei average dived more than 630 points. that's about 6.3%. japan's central bank injected about $184 billion into the money markets there to stabilize the country's financial system. the bank of japan wants banks to continue lending money, though, to meet a surge in damage for post-earthqua rebuilding funds the santa cruz harbor will
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be closed until next weekend at least. it was damaged in the tsunami. 18 boats sank, another 100 were damaged, when the wave came in after the 8.9 quake in japan. two sunken vessels have now been recovered. crews are evaluating the damage area and are prioritizing boat recovery efforts becaused on the risk of pollution. the coast guard is enforcing a safety zone, meaning boats cannot travel through it but owners do have access to their vessels. the harbor in crescent city is also still closed as officials gauge the damage. it was hit by an 8-foot wave. it's a fishing town but harbor master say there is no fishing economy in dell norte economy right now. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency there as well as humboldt, san mateo and santa cruz counties.
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you can find continuing coverage of the japan quake including a slide show of the bay area tsunami damage. it is at 4:37. let get a quick check of weather and traffic. julie, we're glad you woke up with us this morning. >> barely made it but i am here. i'm glad i'm here because we have some showers out there and this is always the most fun to fill in on weather when you have a little shower activity out there. starting off with a closer look at vallejo. you can see light scattered showers. on the time lapse you can see they are moving off to the east- northeast right now and again just very light scattered showers. it's going to be a damp start to your morning but mild as temperatures most spots are in the 50s near 60 for some of the warmest locations. now, the shower activity will start to taper off as you can see most of it pushing off to the east. we have another system waiting off in the wings tapping into subtropical moisture. we'll see that pass through in time for tomorrow morning's commute. in the meantime, lingering damp
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scattered showers and mild temperatures. again, most spots in the 50s, some in the upper 60s. san jose, concord, vallejo. this afternoon comfortable in the 60s for the most part. some spots some of the warmest spots like san jose around 70. we'll see partly cloudy skies and drying out more. we'll talk more about rain chances every day this week coming up in just a bit but first a look at your roadways. gianna? >> with that rain comes some slick surfaces this morning. golden gate bridge seeing limited visibility. so use caution. still early, only 18 minutes from 37 to 580 but as you can see a bit of fog out there and, of course, some slick roads to give yourself some extra time. we have reports of flooding southbound 101 at lucky drive. you might see one or two lanes closed there or, you know, once they get that cleared out of the road things will be wet. slow northbound past 580. live look at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, no delays. clear across the upper deck into san francisco. bart as you heard moments ago is right on time. no delays. everything is on schedule this morning. and if you are headed out of town to the sierra area, we do have chains pretty much for most of the roads 80, 50 and 88 so don't forget your chains out the door. back to you. >> thank you. a san leandro mother is charged with killing her 8-year- old daughter a care provider for the child who is disabled found the mother and daughter inside the garage of a home on winter drive on friday. both were inside the car. the engine was running. the girl died at the hospital. the mother, 53-year-old christel johnson is expected to survive. pg&e apparently has misapplied federal safety standards on its natural gas lines in order to avoid costly inspections including in san bruno. the "chronicle" reports that starting in 2008, the utility tested for weld problems on its older lines only if pressure
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had spiked above legal caps by 10%. the federal regulations require inspections when a pipeline's pressure level exceeds safety standards by even the slightest amount. pg&e lifted the 10% rule from a separate regulation covering extraordinary circumstances. and pg&e now says it will cover the cost of investigations into last fall's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the utility has filed papers with the california public utilities commission indicating it would reimburse the commission for its expenses. if the commission's findings trigger additional investigations, the utility says it will cover those costs, too. 4:40, th clock is ticking for california to come up with a budget deal and now college students are taking matters into their own hands. you snooze, you lose. the glitch that had some iphone users experiencing daylight saving deja vu.
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wash. we're tracking light rain and scattered showers on hi-def doppler this morning. welcome back. you can see this cell back from oakland. drizzle throughout the morning hours. drier conditions, milder temperatures, more rain is on the way. we'll time it out coming up in a bit. >> thank you. moammar qaddafi's loyal forces are making major advances in libya today. a rebel official says qaddafi's warplanes have bombed a strategic city held by the opposition. the antiqaddafi rebels have retreated from some areas that had taken earlier in their uprising. arab league has called for a no- fly zone but it may be too late to help the rebels. united airlines may ground some jets to save money on fuel. the carrier says it burns
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$25,000 of fuel every minute. it is considering taking some less efficient jets out of the fleet. jet fuel is one of the largest costs for an airline. the price is up 28% so far this year. fuel accounts for about 40% of operating expenses at united. also this morning, apple has yet to comment on the latest iphone glitch. some phones jumped one hour back on sunday instead of springing forward. reports surfaced of people missing yoga classes, very important, and religious services, of course, on sunday because their phones didn't change to daylight saving time. on new year's day a problem with the clock prevented alarms from sounding causing people to oversleep. you said you had this issue. >> mine went back. so my alarm instead of going off at 2:30 would have gone off at 1:30. >> but you caught it or your wife. >> my wife caught it actually. >> very good. >> she's good. >> i have the new iphone from verizon. it worked okay. wonder if there is a difference. >> at&t, come on, time to
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giddyup a little bit! [ laughter ] 4:44. a snap to stop the suffering. a food to represent women during the moodiest time of the month. >> and serious life-saving skills. how some dogs are being trained to help japan survivors. a basketball bummer. why the bay area may be the biggest loser for this year's march madness. ,,,,
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a mess of debris... is all that remains in parts of northern
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it is a scene of complete destruction. a mess of debris is all that remains in parts of northern japan after friday's massive earthquake and tsunami. violent waves picked up a bus and dropped it on a three-story building. in another area, an entire house crushed an elementary school. more than 1800 people have been confirmed dead since the disaster, another 1400 still missing. officials now expect the death toll to top 10,000. urban rescue teams from the u.s. are arriving in japan including one from los angeles. the teams arrive with search dogs and cargo plane loaded with supplies. they are joining similar groups from britain and germany. and k-9 search teams from sacramento could be the next group to head to japan. in the meantime, members of the fire department and california task force 7 are training just in case. if fema calls them in to help,
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firefighters say they will have to be at travis air force base outside of fairfield in just six hours. >> i hope we do go because i know that if we get over there you know, in a decent amount of time there is a difference to be -- these guys can make the difference. >> dogs from the sacramento team helped out during hurricane katrina and the oklahoma city bombing. they were also on standby after the earthquake in haiti. the bear is already raising money to help out japan. the owner of a restaurant says he will donate part of the proceeds from his four restaurants and at the buddhist temple in japantown they will donate through various organizations. >> this will obviously have proportions on the scale of hurricane katrina and worse. and so talking with our members to make sure we'll be here to provide support for the long term and not just the short term. >> among the groups accepting donations are the japanese community center in san
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francisco, the red cross, and the national buddhist church of america. governor brown is expected to intense phi efforts to get republican support for his budget plan. he has been negotiating with five republican senators but so far none have voiced support publicly. the governor proposes a five- year extension of sales tax increases and of personal income and vehicle tax hikes that were enacted two years ago. he wants to put the extension on the ballot this june. well, this morning, hundreds of south bay community college students will head off to sacramento. today they plan to press lawmakers though to preserve funding and keep their tuitions low. christin ayers is in san jose where the students are getting ready to board buses. she joins us now live. good morning, christin. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at san jose city college. you can see the buses behind me all set up ready to go. students will be leaving at 6 a.m.
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to meet with legislators in sacramento to talk about higher education. a couple of issues at play. students are looking to get legislators to agree to support the california dream act. they are also looking to get support for tax extensions in the june elections to make sure that funding for higher education remains and funding for community college. there are about 250 to 300 students inside getting ready. they have their signs and they are getting ready to rally here, 250 at evergreen valley community college as well, all of them hoping to bring forward some of these issues involving community colleges. but higher education as a whole. meeting with those legislators later this afternoon but certainly wanting to make a statement before heading out to sacramento. we'll be talking to them in the next half hour. >> christin ayers, thank you. you can see some damp sidewalks behind christin there
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in san jose and that will be the story this morning. damp conditions, lingering scattered showers, drizzle here and there and fog along the coast. turning to hi-def doppler we'll show you one of the spots where it's raining now. as you can see off in the east bay, dublin-pleasanton light showers pushing east and scattered showers continuing throughout the morning. turning to our planner this morning, you will see what i'm talking about. chance of showers in the forecast throughout the morning, cloudy and mild conditions. highs in the 50s. some spots flirting with 60 this morning already. we have some fog along the coast so keep that in mind out the door. later on this afternoon, we'll keep those mild conditions in the forecast. in fact, some of the warmest spots inland could see temperatures flirting with 70 degrees. but i think a lot of us will continue to see scattered showers definitely possible throughout the day. we'll see a little more sunshine, partly cloudy skies by this afternoon but i'm not going to rule out the chance of a scattered shower throughout the day. high surf advisory along the
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coast later this morning. here's a look from the satellite. more showers on the way. starting off damp with mild temperatures that will pass through later today but by this time tomorrow morning, we see our next weathermaker passing through really tapping into this stream of subtropical moisture. as it does it's going to bring with it another round of rain like this weekend beginning with showers in the north bay and spreading south throughout the day on tuesday. we'll see some lingers showers for the next couple of days. first, mild temperatures for the rest of the day today. again some of the warmest spots, campbell, los gatos, san jose, santa clara, flirting with 70. you will see clouds, partly cloudy conditions at best and linger showers at berkeley, walnut creek, danville, but all of your temperatures in the 60s so nice and mild even though you may see gray and little damp out there. 59 for stinson beach. 64 san anselmo and into the and
4:54 am
55 in sonoma today. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. ironically today might be the driest day of the week. again, possibility of scattered showers today. we see more showers for tuesday. then lingering scattered showers, not a rainout, wednesday and thursday. next round of rain a soaker coming through friday and through the weekend. here's gianna franco with traffic. >> let's go to 101 in marin county where we are dealing with some flooding issues. southbound 101 near lucky drive, lanes are open. 71 miles per hour so you can move through there. chp is on scene so take it a little slower through that portion. i also just spoke with chp and we got word of a fog advisory for parts of marin, golden gate bridge here as well affected as you can see in our live shot, limited visibility. also richmond/san rafael bridge a fog advisory in effect there. and parts of contra costa county so two hands on the wheel and again take it slow. not bad at the bay bridge outside of slick surfaces. metering lights are off. nice friday across the upper
4:55 am
deck into san francisco. no troubles out of san francisco into oakland. the rest of the bay area bridges very quiet. look at the san mateo bridge not a lot going on. no construction. they usually wrap things up early due to the wet weather. both directions clear between 880 and 101. now speaking of 880, if you are planning on heading out the door through oakland, no delays. you can see in our live camera here, traffic cruising along northbound into oakland. those headlights are heading southbound towards hayward. mass transit also checking in problem-free this morning. bart all trains are on time. no delays between pleasant hill and concord. if you are heading through the south bay, 880/237, problem- free. no delays through here, as well. live look at 101 in the south bay, around mckee, we have a live shot, traffic looking good. outside of the slick surfaces so far, so good on the roads. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you, liz. >> thank you, gianna. just like new moms, fathers can get depressed too.
4:56 am
a new study says 40% of depressed fathers spank their 1- year-old kids compared to 13% of fathers who weren't depressed. it's strongly tied town employment rates which are hire than a decade ago. a diet rich in vitamin b may help some women suffering from p.m. new research found women who ate more foods like spinach and fortified cereal were less likely to suffer from pms. the same wasn't true for women who got b vitamins from supplements. have you started your office pool for march madness? are you into the hoop? >> do we have one here? >> absolutely. >> i haven't checked my e-mails yet for today. >> long weekend. >> it was. >> teams were selected yesterday and no team from the bay area is going dancing. >> out of the west coast conference, the bulldogs of gonzaga. coach makes his 12th straight ncaa tournament appearance with
4:57 am
the bulldogs. >> that's the reaction from st. mary's after being left out of the tournament. the rival gonzaga was the only team from the west coast that was invited. it's the first time since 1981 no bay area team made the dance. >> st. mary's was in the sweet sixteen last year. so you have to have a rooting interest to kind of -- >> now that you're back in the bay area... [ laughter ] >> i think i'm the grim reaper! i come back and nobody is going. [ laughter ] time now 4:57. a nuclear crisis in japan this morning. another power plant explodes in the wake of the tsunami. why there are fears this won't actually be the last. plus, they are cleaning up the santa cruz harbor after that tsunami surge. the pollution concerns and efforts to save some of the sunken boats all coming up. and bart's plans for commuters this morning after a derailment yesterday. that story coming up.
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